Last Updated on 24 September 2023

Online Directories, Lists, & Reviews

  • Awesome B Movies
    Celebrating B movies, cult films, and indie classics
  • The B-Masters Cabal
    Tons of reviews and info about b-movies
  • B-Movie Film Vault
    Reviews Archive
  • B-Movie Graveyard
    Cinematic exhumations from the worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Cult, and Trash filmmaking
  • B-Movie Man
    Podcasts, reviews, and information about all kinds of b-movies.
  • Bad Movie Realm
    A website dedicated to the mostly-ignored, oft-maligned, cheesier side of cinema. “At we revel in the cheap sets, laughable special effects, and bizarre storylines which only “bad movies” can offer.”
    “A website to the detriment of good film” where you can read reviews, talk with other b-movie fans, and glorify the genre.
  • Best B Movies
    Help rank movies in this huge list
  • Brian’s Drive-In Theater
    Profiles of actors/actresses, reviews, links, and more.
  • Radiation Cinema
    Sci-Fi B-Movies and Television from the Atomic Age! This blog is a celebration of that time and place when monsters destroyed whole cities, insects the size of dinosaurs clambered over the desert sands, and Rod Serling warned us of the signpost up ahead.
  • Stomp Tokyo
    B-movies, Godzilla, and video cheese since 1996!
  • IMDb’s Bottom 100 List
    The bottom 100 movies as rated by IMDb users.