Last Updated on 4 March 2024

Here is a list of A.I. programs grouped by the type of service they provide. They are free to use unless otherwise noted. Some have premium or professional versions where you can pay for more features.

To use any of these, simply type in a description of what you’re looking for. Be specific.


  • Adobe Firefly – With simple text prompts in over 100 languages, you can generate images, add or remove objects, transform text, create images from 3D, and so much more. The text effects are pretty amazing.
  • Arcana Labs – Free AI image generator without baseless censorship. Create art, photos, and illustrations in any style you can imagine! You can even collaborate with the AI and pose your subject. Available for Discord and Web App. Requires free account to use.
  • Bard – A conversational AI tool by Google. Collaborate with Bard to brainstorm ideas, generate images, spark creativity, and accelerate productivity. Can also answer text questions.
  • Bing Image Creator – A free account with Microsoft is required. Creating images is different from searching for images. It works best when you’re highly descriptive. Add details like location, adjectives, even artistic styles like “digital art”, “photorealistic”, “oil painting,” etc.
  • Catbird – Generate images or upload and modify them.
  • Cutout – Upload a still photo of a person and it will create a 2-second looping video as if they were alive. Free version is a bit limited.
  • DALLĀ·E 2 – An AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.
  • Deep Nostalgia – from MyHeritage. This innovative tool lets you animate the faces in family photos so you can see them smile, blink, and laugh, just as if you had recorded a video of them back in the day.
  • Dream by WOMBO – Enter a prompt, pick an art style and WOMBO Dream turns your idea into an AI-powered painting in seconds. Requires a free account for basic use.
  • Gemini – A conversational AI tool by Google. Collaborate with Gemini to brainstorm ideas, generate images, spark creativity, and accelerate productivity. Can also answer text questions.
  • invideo AI – Turn any content or idea into video that you can use in a presentation, in social media, and YouTube. Limited functionality in the free version.
  • Leonardo AI – Create production-quality visual assets for your projects with unprecedented quality, speed, and style-consistency. Requires a free account for basic use.
  • Lumen5 – Video creation using drag-and-drop
  • Picsart – Type a detailed description and watch your vision transform into vibrant, vibrant piece of art.


  • Boomy – Create original songs and, with a paid membership, even submit them to streaming platforms and get paid when people listen.
  • Pollinations – Site is transitioning from image generation to focusing on music & music video generation. Full site not quite operative, but their Dreamachine music video creator is coming soon.
  • Riffusion – Create music from text with styles, instruments, modifiers and genres. It will actually sing what you type.
  • Soundraw – Create royalty-free AI music by simply making decisions about the genre of music you want to create, the instruments that will be used, the mood you want to create, and the length of the track. Then sit back and let the AI compose unique tracks.


  • Bard – A conversational AI tool by Google. Collaborate with Bard to brainstorm ideas, spark creativity, and accelerate productivity. It even double-checks itself after giving you a response. Can also generate images.
  • ChatGPT – Ask it anything. It can give you explanations, resume suggestions, help planning a tour of a city, and even a joke!
  • Fireflies AI – Helps your team transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations.
  • HeroGuide – Generate a brand story for your business based on your detailed description of what your business does, who the customers are, etc.
  • Microsoft Copilot – Chat, write, travel, create, code, compare, and laugh with this conversational AI program.
  • Murf – A text-to-speech engine that makes it simple to create natural-sounding synthetic vocal recordings in 15 languages from a choice of over 100 voices and dialects.


  • Elicit – Automate time-consuming research tasks like summarizing papers, extracting data, and synthesizing your findings. Has some basic use for free. With the full version, you can:
    • Search for research papers
    • Ask a research question and get back a list of relevant papers from our database of 200 million
    • Get one sentence abstract summaries
    • Select relevant papers and search for more like them
    • Extract details from papers into an organized table
  • Perplexity AI – Perplexity combines AI with web search to produce ready made answers. It cites its sources, which are real but tend not to be scholarly. It’s probably best suited to generating ideas and identifying sources than to any significant contribution to producing a review.
  • QuillBot – Paraphrase text, check grammar, summarize, generate citations, check for plagiarism, and more. Limited functionality in the free version.


  • Futurepedia – Many categories of AI tools!
  • There’s an AI for That (TAAFT) – An aggregator of over 11,000 AIs written by ChatGPT
  • AI Tools Directory – Discover, explore, and compare the most innovative AI tools in the industry
  • OpenTools – Chat with their GPT to find the right AI tool for you
  • AI Parabellum – “The Definitive Directory of AI Tools”
  • Future Tools – “FutureTools Collects & Organizes All The Best AI Tools So YOU Too Can Become Superhuman!”
  • Product Hunt – “Aside from a rich library of AI tools, Products Hunt also features various other functionalities, making it a great platform for AI & tech enthusiasts.”