Last Updated on 26 June 2024

The following list is the Official Definitive List of the 400 best villagers from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I averaged 28 different ranked lists of “best animal crossing villagers” to get this definitive compilation.  See my Methodology page for the research process that was used, including the full spreadsheet and links to all 28 lists that were averaged.

Below is the sortable table that lists the name, species, personality, and hobby of each villager.

1 Marshal Squirrel Smug Music
2 Raymond Cat Smug Nature
3 Shino Deer Peppy Education
4 Bob Cat Lazy Play
5 Sherb Goat Lazy Nature
6 Stitches Cub Lazy Play
7 Marina Octopus Normal Music
8 Fauna Deer Normal Nature
9 Merengue Rhino Normal Nature
10 Lucky Mummy Dog Lazy Play
11 Judy Cub Snooty Music
12 Ankha Cat Snooty Nature
13 Zucker Octopus Lazy Nature
14 Audie Wolf Peppy Fitness
15 Beau Deer Lazy Nature
16 Lolly Cat Normal Music
17 Coco Zombie Rabbit Normal Education
18 Roald Penguin Jock Fitness
19 Maple Cub Normal Education
20 Diana Deer Snooty Education
21 Molly Duck Normal Nature
22 Ketchup Duck Peppy Play
23 Sasha Rabbit Lazy Fashion
24 Goldie Dog Normal Nature
25 Julian Horse Smug Music
26 Rosie Cat Peppy Music
27 Marty Cub Lazy Play
28 Tangy Cat Peppy Music
29 Tia Elephant Normal Nature
30 Ione Squirrel Normal Fashion
31 Whitney Wolf Snooty Fashion
32 Erik Deer Lazy Nature
33 Cherry Dog Sisterly Music
34 Punchy Cat Lazy Play
35 Dom Sheep Jock Play
36 Apollo Eagle Cranky Music
37 Kabuki Cat Cranky Music
38 Kyle Wolf Smug Music
39 Cookie Dog Peppy Fashion
40 Merry Cat Peppy Fashion
41 Lobo Wolf Cranky Education
42 Pietro Sheep Clown Smug Music
43 Fang Wolf Cranky Education
44 Kiki Cat Normal Education
45 Poppy Squirrel Normal Education
46 Filbert Squirrel Lazy Nature
47 Flora Ostrich Peppy Play
48 Chief Wolf Cranky Music
49 Fuchsia Deer Sisterly Music
50 Lily Frog Normal Education
51 Cephalobot Robot Octopus SmugPlay
52 Pekoe Cub Normal Nature
53 Chevre Goat Normal Education
54 Skye Wolf Normal Music
55 Chrissy Rabbit Peppy Fashion
56 Genji Rabbit Jock Fitness
57 Gayle Alligator Normal Nature
58 Apple Hamster Peppy Play
59 Mitzi Cat Normal Education
60 Wolfgang Wolf Cranky Education
61 Kid Cat Cat Jock Fitness
62 Octavian Octopus Cranky Play
63 Mira Rabbit Sisterly Fitness
64 Pietro Sheep Smug Music
65 Melba Koala Normal Education
66 Bam Deer Jock Play
67 Bianca Tiger Peppy Play
68 Wade Penguin Lazy Nature
69 June Cub Normal Nature
70 Ribbot Robot Frog Jock Fitness
71 Bluebear Cub Peppy Fashion
72 Chai Elephant Peppy Play
73 Henry Frog Smug Music
74 Aurora Penguin Normal Education
75 Drago Alligator Lazy Nature
76 Hornsby Rhino Lazy Nature
77 Zell Deer Smug Music
78 Peanut Squirrel Peppy Fashion
79 Chester Cub Lazy Play
80 Joey Duck Lazy Play
81 Bunnie Rabbit Peppy Fashion
82 Daisy Dog Normal Education
83 Stella Sheep Normal Nature
84 Papi Horse Lazy Nature
85 Cube Penguin Lazy Play
86 Alice Koala Normal Education
87 Muffy Sheep Sisterly Music
88 Flurry Hamster Normal Nature
89 Ruby Rabbit Peppy Nature
90 Shep Dog Smug Education
91 Francine Rabbit Snooty Fashion
92 Sprinkle Penguin Peppy Play
93 Dobie Wolf Cranky Nature
94 Pashmina Goat Sisterly Music
95 Katt Cat Sisterly Music
96 Phoebe Ostrich Sisterly Fitness
97 Reneigh Horse Sisterly Play
98 Static Squirrel Cranky Music
99 Teddy Bear Jock Fitness
100 Portia Dog Snooty Fashion
101 Knox Chicken Cranky Education
102 Freya Wolf Snooty Fashion
103 Hazel Squirrel Sisterly Play
104 Graham Hamster Smug Education
105 Jeremiah Frog Lazy Play
106 Raddle Frog Lazy Nature
107 Ellie Elephant Normal Nature
108 Julia Ostrich Snooty Education
109 Scoot Duck Jock Fitness
110 Egbert Chicken Lazy Play
111 Roscoe Horse Cranky Music
112 Cheri Cub Peppy Fashion
113 Cranston Ostrich Lazy Nature
114 Lopez Deer Smug Education
115 Rudy Cat Jock Play
116 Olivia Cat Snooty Music
117 Bella Mouse Peppy Music
118 Piper Bird Peppy Play
119 Margie Elephant Normal Education
120 Deirdre Deer Sisterly Play
121 Beardo Bear Smug Education
122 Tipper Cow Snooty Fashion
123 Bruce Deer Cranky Nature
124 Sylvana Squirrel Normal Nature
125 Maddie Dog Peppy Play
126 Carmen Rabbit Peppy Fashion
127 Lionel Lion Smug Music
128 Felicity Cat Peppy Fashion
129 Savannah Horse Normal Music
130 Willow Sheep Snooty Fashion
131 Tabby Cat Peppy Music
132 Tybalt Tiger Jock Play
133 Blanche Ostrich Snooty Nature
134 Jacques Bird Smug Music
135 Bonbon Rabbit Peppy Play
136 Sally Squirrel Normal Music
137 Jay Bird Jock Fitness
138 Lucha Bird Smug Fitness
139 Weber Duck Lazy Nature
140 Cashmere Sheep Snooty Fashion
141 Tad Frog Jock Play
142 Bangle Tiger Peppy Fashion
143 Pancetti Pig Snooty Music
144 Clay Hamster Lazy Nature
145 Agnes Pig Sisterly Play
146 Lyman Koala Jock Play
147 Ozzie Koala Lazy Play
148 Kidd Goat Smug Education
149 Hamlet Hamster Jock Play
150 Vesta Sheep Normal Fashion
151 Shari Monkey Sisterly Music
152 Antonio Anteater Jock Fitness
153 Eugene Koala Smug Music
154 Puddles Frog Peppy Fashion
155 Wendy Sheep Peppy Fashion
156 Bones Dog Lazy Play
157 Biskit Dog Lazy Play
158 Midge Bird Normal Education
159 Flo Penguin Sisterly Music
160 Dizzy Elephant Lazy Play
161 Tutu Bear Peppy Fashion
162 Dotty Rabbit Peppy Fashion
163 Sprocket Robot Ostrich Jock Music
164 Rex Lion Lazy Nature
165 Bill Duck Jock Play
166 Snake Rabbit Jock Fitness
167 Nan Goat Normal Nature
168 Celia Eagle Normal Nature
169 Sterling Eagle Jock Fitness
170 Biff Hippo Jock Fitness
171 Canberra Koala Sisterly Play
172 Sydney Koala Normal Music
173 Gala Pig Normal Education
174 Pinky Bear Peppy Fashion
175 Rolf Tiger Cranky Fitness
176 Tammy Cub Sisterly Play
177 Poncho Cub Jock Fitness
178 Walker Dog Lazy Play
179 Tank Rhino Jock Fitness
180 Gladys Ostrich Normal Education
181 Norma Cow Normal Nature
182 Phil Ostrich Smug Music
183 Nana Monkey Normal Education
184 Freckles Duck Peppy Fashion
185 Goose Chicken Jock Fitness
186 Quillson Duck Smug Music
187 Moe Cat Lazy Play
188 Megan Bear Normal Nature
189 Nate Bear Lazy Play
190 Bubbles Hippo Peppy Fashion
191 Bertha Hippo Normal Education
192 Olive Cub Normal Nature
193 Diva Frog Sisterly Fitness
194 Bea Dog Normal Nature
195 Vivian Wolf Snooty Education
196 Boomer Penguin Lazy Fitness
197 Puck Penguin Lazy Fitness
198 Axel Elephant JockFitness
199 Mac Dog Jock Fitness
200 Walt Kangaroo Cranky Fitness
201 Keaton Eagle Smug Music
202 Alfonso Alligator Lazy Play
203 Vladimir Cub Cranky Play
204 Pango Anteater Peppy Fashion
205 Sly Alligator Jock Play
206 Butch Dog Cranky Music
207 Patty Cow Peppy Fashion
208 Tex Penguin Smug Music
209 Pate Duck Peppy Fashion
210 Deli Monkey Lazy Nature
211 Rodeo Bull Lazy Fitness
212 Billy Goat Jock Play
213 Frita Sheep Sisterly Music
214 Mint Squirrel Snooty Fashion
215 Tom Cat Cranky Education
216 Boots Alligator Jock Play
217 Flip Monkey Jock Music
218 Tiffany Rabbit Snooty Fashion
219 Buck Horse Jock Fitness
220 Murphy Cub Cranky Education
221 Eunice Sheep Normal Fashion
222 Stu Bull Lazy Nature
223 Nibbles Squirrel Peppy Fashion
224 Boone Gorilla Jock Fitness
225 Chadder Mouse Smug Fitness
226 Agent S Squirrel Peppy Fitness
227 Prince Frog Lazy Play
228 Doc Rabbit Lazy Education
229 Blaire Squirrel Snooty Fashion
230 Plucky Chicken Sisterly Play
231 Elvis Lion Cranky Education
232 Pierce Eagle Jock Fitness
233 Twiggy Bird Peppy Fashion
234 Ken Chicken Smug Education
235 Colton Horse Smug Nature
236 Olaf Anteater Smug Education
237 Pudge Cub Lazy Play
238 Anchovy Bird Lazy Play
239 Coach Bull Jock Fitness
240 Stinky Cat Jock Fitness
241 Al Gorilla Lazy Fitness
242 Del Alligator Cranky Fitness
243 Deena Duck Normal Education
244 Rodney Hamster Smug Music
245 Bettina Mouse Normal Education
246 Cole Rabbit Lazy Nature
247 Drake Duck Lazy Play
248 Iggly Penguin Jock Fitness
249 PomPom Duck Peppy Music
250 Avery Eagle Cranky Music
251 Cyd Elephant Cranky Music
252 Camofrog Frog Cranky Music
253 Broccolo Mouse Lazy Play
254 Barold Cub Lazy Play
255 Rod Mouse Jock Fitness
256 Pecan Squirrel Snooty Fashion
257 Cyrano Anteater Cranky Education
258 Winnie Horse Peppy Fashion
259 Sheldon Squirrel Jock Play
260 Marcie Kangaroo Normal Nature
261 Caroline Squirrel Normal Music
262 Annalisa Anteater Normal Nature
263 Spike Rhino Cranky Nature
264 Jacob Bird Lazy Nature
265 Peggy Pig Peppy Fashion
266 Kitt Kangaroo Normal Education
267 Marcel Dog Lazy Play
268 Hopper Penguin Cranky Music
269 Sylvia Kangaroo Sisterly Music
270 Renée Rhino Sisterly Music
271 Gaston Rabbit Cranky Education
272 Tasha Squirrel Snooty Fitness
273 Victoria Horse Peppy Fitness
274 Hopkins Rabbit Lazy Nature
275 Ava Chicken Normal Music
276 Derwin Duck Lazy Play
277 Tammi Monkey Peppy Fashion
278 Gonzo Koala Cranky Nature
279 Purrl Cat Snooty Fashion
280 Hugh Pig Lazy Play
281 Drift Frog Jock Fitness
282 Chops Pig Smug Education
283 Paolo Elephant Lazy Nature
284 Rowan Tiger Jock Fitness
285 Maggie Pig Normal Nature
286 Hamphrey Hamster Cranky Nature
287 Klaus Bear Smug Education
288 Hans Gorilla Smug Fitness
289 Rocket Gorilla Sisterly Fitness
290 Ed Horse Smug Nature
291 Grizzly Bear Cranky Education
292 Benedict Chicken Lazy Play
293 Benjamin Dog Lazy Nature
294 Bud Lion Jock Fitness
295 Bree Mouse Snooty Fashion
296 Anabelle Anteater Peppy Fashion
297 Amelia Eagle Snooty Music
298 Leonardo Tiger Jock Fitness
299 Kody Cub Jock Fitness
300 Elmer Horse Lazy Play
301 Lucy Pig Normal Music
302 Claude Rabbit Lazy Nature
303 Curlos Sheep Smug Nature
304 Simon Monkey Lazy Play
305 Dora Mouse Normal Education
306 Louie Gorilla Jock Fitness
307 Eloise Elephant Snooty Fashion
308 Leopold Lion Smug Education
309 Gabi Rabbit Peppy Fashion
310 Cousteau Frog Jock Fitness
311 Opal Elephant Snooty Fashion
312 Curt Bear Cranky Nature
313 Big Top Elephant Lazy Play
314 Rasher Pig Cranky Music
315 Kevin Pig Jock Play
316 Rory Lion Jock Music
317 Tucker Elephant Lazy Nature
318 Groucho Bear Cranky Music
319 Pippy Rabbit Peppy Fashion
320 Ike Bear Cranky Nature
321 Cally Squirrel Normal Nature
322 Rhonda Rhino Normal Music
323 Yuka Koala Snooty Fashion
324 O’Hare Rabbit Smug Nature
325 Gloria Duck Snooty Fashion
326 Soleil Hamster Snooty Education
327 Sandy Ostrich Normal Nature
328 Truffles Pig Peppy Fashion
329 Samson Mouse Jock Fitness
330 Claudia Tiger Snooty Music
331 Carrie Kangaroo Normal Nature
332 Ursala Bear Sisterly Music
333 Huck Frog Smug Fitness
334 Peck Bird Jock Play
335 Peewee Gorilla Cranky Fitness
336 Sparro Bird Jock Play
337 Spork Pig Lazy Play
338 Cobb Pig Jock Education
339 Mathilda Kangaroo Snooty Fitness
340 Admiral Bird Cranky Nature
341 Jitters Bird Jock Fitness
342 Kitty Cat Snooty Fashion
343 Charlise Bear Sisterly Fitness
344 Gruff Goat Cranky Music
345 Astrid Kangaroo Snooty Music
346 Cleo Horse Snooty Education
347 Clyde Horse Lazy Play
348 Peaches Horse Normal Education
349 Naomi Cow Snooty Fashion
350 Gigi Frog Snooty Fashion
351 Angus Bull Cranky Fitness
352 Mott Lion Jock Fitness
353 Jambette Frog Normal Fashion
354 Frobert Frog Jock Fitness
355 Monique Cat Snooty Fashion
356 Penelope Mouse Peppy Fashion
357 Frank Eagle Cranky Education
358 Friga Penguin Snooty Fashion
359 Rocco Hippo Cranky Education
360 Vic Bull Cranky Fitness
361 Ricky Squirrel Cranky Education
362 Rooney Kangaroo Cranky Fitness
363 Monty Monkey Cranky Education
364 Curly Pig Jock Fitness
365 Harry Hippo Cranky Education
366 Croque Frog Cranky Nature
367 Anicotti Mouse Peppy Fashion
368 Gwen Penguin Snooty Fashion
369 Paula Bear Sisterly Fitness
370 Alli Alligator Snooty Fashion
371 Candi Mouse Peppy Play
372 Annalise Horse Snooty Fashion
373 Robin Bird Snooty Fashion
374 Buzz Eagle Cranky Nature
375 Velma Goat Snooty Education
376 Timbra Sheep Snooty Education
377 Hippeux Hippo Smug Education
378 Miranda Duck Snooty Fashion
379 Violet Gorilla Snooty Fitness
380 Limberg Mouse Cranky Education
381 Queenie Ostrich Snooty Fashion
382 Becky Chicken Snooty Music
383 T-Bone Bull Cranky Education
384 Chow Bear Cranky Fitness
385 Boris Pig Cranky Nature
386 Mallary Duck Snooty Fashion
387 Baabara Sheep Snooty Fashion
388 Maelle Duck Snooty Fashion
389 Cesar Gorilla Cranky Fitness
390 Moose Mouse Jock Fitness
391 Snooty Anteater Snooty Education
392 Boyd Gorilla Cranky Fitness
393 Bitty Hippo Snooty Education
394 Elise Monkey Snooty Fashion
395 Wart Jr. Frog Cranky Education
396 Broffina Chicken Snooty Music
397 Rizzo Mouse Cranky Education
398 Toby Rabbit Smug Music
399 Frett Dog Cranky Music
400 Roswell Alligator Smug Nature