Last Updated on 23 May 2024

Breaking Bad was a crime drama TV show that ran for 5 seasons, from 2008 to 2013. Here is the definitive ranked list of all 62 episodes.

I found 23 different lists of the “best” or “favorite” episodes of Breaking Bad. Then I averaged them in Excel to create this master ranked list of all 62 episodes. See my Methodology page for the research process that was used, including links to all 23 lists that were averaged. Below is a viewing checklist you may print out, followed by the full ranked list. Links all go to the Breaking Bad Fandom website.

  1. Ozymandias (S05 E14)
  2. Face Off (S04 E13)
  3. Felina (S05 E16)
  4. Crawl Space (S04 E11)
  5. One Minute (S03 E07)
  6. Full Measure (S03 E13)
  7. Salud (S04 E10)
  8. To’hajiilee (S05 E13)
  9. Say My Name (S05 E07)
  10. Gliding Over All (S05 E08)
  11. Crazy Handful of Nothin’ (S01 E06)
  12. Granite State (S05 E15)
  13. Dead Freight (S05 E05)
  14. Fly (S03 E10)
  15. 4 Days Out (S02 E09)
  16. Phoenix (S02 E12)
  17. Better Call Saul (S02 E08)
  18. ABQ (S02 E13)
  19. Pilot (S01 E01)
  20. Box Cutter (S04 E01)
  21. Half Measures (S03 E12)
  22. Grilled (S02 E12)
  23. Hermanos (S04 E08)
  24. Peekaboo (S02 E06)
  25. Confessions (S05 E11)
  26. Blood Money (S05 E09)
  27. … And the Bag’s in the River (S01 E03)
  28. End Times (S04 E12)
  29. Fifty-One (S05 E04)
  30. Cornered (S04 E06)
  31. Live Free or Die (S05 E01)
  32. Over (S02 E10)
  33. Sunset (S03 E06)
  34. No Más (S03 E01)
  35. Mandala (S02 E11)
  36. Bit by a Dead Bee (S02 E03)
  37. Cat’s in the Bag … (S01 E02)
  38. Madrigal (S05 E02)
  39. Negro y Azul (S02 E07)
  40. Buried (S05 E10)
  41. Rabid Dog (S05 E12)
  42. Buyout (S05 E06)
  43. Problem Dog (S04 E07)
  44. Seven Thirty-Seven (S02 E01)
  45. A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal (S01 E07)
  46. Shotgun (S04 E05)
  47. I.F.T. (S03 E03)
  48. Bullet Points (S04 E04)
  49. Gray Matter (S01 E05)
  50. Bug (S04 E09)
  51. Open House (S04 E03)
  52. Hazard Pay (S05 E03)
  53. Caballo Sin Nombre (S03 E02)
  54. Down (S02 E04)
  55. Green Light (S03 E04)
  56. Abiquiú (S03 E11)
  57. Cancer Man (S01 E04)
  58. Thirty-Eight Snub (S04 E02)
  59. Más (S03 E05)
  60. Breakage (S02 E05)
  61. I See You (S03 E08)
  62. Kafkaesque (S03 E09)