Last Updated on 16 February 2024

Gilligan’s Island was a TV show that ran from 1964 to 1967 and has thrived as a rerun. Even young people today say they have grown up with Gilligan’s Island. Here is the definitive ranked list of all 100 episodes.

I found 8 different lists of the “best” or “favorite” episodes of Gilligan’s Island. Then I averaged them in Excel to create this master ranked list of every Gilligan’s Island episode. See my Methodology page for the research process that was used, including links to all 8 lists that were averaged. Here is the full ranked list. Links all go to the Gilligan’s Island Fandom website.

  1. Pass the Vegetables, Please (S3 E3)
  2. The Producer (S3 E4)
  3. Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes (S2 E12)
  4. Seer Gilligan (S2 E19)
  5. Smile, You’re on Mars Camera (S2 E4)
  6. Hi-Fi Gilligan (S2 E10)
  7. Meet the Meteor (S2 E32)
  8. Up at Bat (S3 E1)
  9. The Friendly Physician (S2 E29)
  10. Where There’s a Will (S3 E6)
  11. And Then There Were None (S3 E13)
  12. Not Guilty (S2 E16)
  13. Beauty Is as Beauty Does (S2 E2)
  14. You’ve Been Disconnected (S2 E17)
  15. The Invasion (S3 E11)
  16. Goodbye Island (S1 E8)
  17. Operation: Steam Heat (S2 E25)
  18. Bang! Bang! Bang! (S3 E29)
  19. Two on a Raft (S1 E1)
  20. Ghost-a-Go-Go (S2 E27)
  21. Gilligan Gets Bugged (S2 E13)
  22. The Hunter (S3 E18)
  23. V for Vitamins (S2 E30)
  24. Voodoo (S3 E5)
  25. Gilligan vs. Gilligan (S3 E2)
  26. Three to Get Ready (S1 E29)
  27. Castaways Pictures Presents (S2 E7)
  28. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane (S3 E27)
  29. The Second Ginger Grant (S3 E24)
  30. Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet (S2 E9)
  31. Three Million Dollars More or Less (S1 E13)
  32. Music Hath Charms (S1 E26)
  33. Water, Water Everywhere (S1 E14)
  34. Big Man on a Little Stick (S1 E21)
  35. Gilligan’s Living Doll (S2 E21)
  36. The Kidnapper (S3 E12)
  37. Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho (S3 E15)
  38. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (S3 E8)
  39. Marooned (S0 Pilot)
  40. Plant You Now, Dig You Later (S1 E16)
  41. Gilligan’s Personal Magnetism (S3 E21)
  42. Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy (S1 E19)
  43. The Matchmaker (S1 E25)
  44. The Big Gold Strike (S1 E9)
  45. Love Me, Love My Skipper (S2 E20)
  46. My Fair Gilligan (S1 E35)
  47. Home Sweet Hut (S1 E2)
  48. So Sorry, My Island Now (S1 E15)
  49. It’s Magic (S1 E33)
  50. The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island (S0 E10)
  51. Wrongway Feldman (S1 E5)
  52. X Marks the Spot (S1 E18)
  53. Agonized Labor (S2 E8)
  54. Voodoo Something to Me (S1 E3)
  55. Court-Martial (S3 E17)
  56. Mr. and Mrs. ??? (S2 E31)
  57. Goodnight, Sweet Skipper (S1 E4)
  58. Our Vines Have Tender Apes (S3 E20)
  59. President Gilligan (S1 E6)
  60. Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk (S1 E12)
  61. Quick Before It Sinks (S2 E6)
  62. The Postman Cometh (S2 E18)
  63. High Man on the Totem Pole (S3 E23)
  64. The Return of Wrongway Feldman (S1 E24)
  65. The Chain of Command (S2 E11)
  66. Allergy Time (S2 E28)
  67. How to Be a Hero (S1 E23)
  68. The Secret of Gilligan’s Island (S3 E25)
  69. The Sweepstakes (S2 E5)
  70. Ring Around Gilligan (S3 E9)
  71. Topsy-Turvy (S3 E10)
  72. Physical Fatness (S1 E32)
  73. Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up? (S2 E26)
  74. Waiting for Watubi (S1 E10)
  75. Slave Girl (S3 E26)
  76. Splashdown (S3 E22)
  77. Take a Dare (S3 E16)
  78. Ship Ahoax (S2 E23)
  79. Forget Me Not (S1 E30)
  80. A Nose by Any Other Name (S1 E36)
  81. Mine Hero (S2 E14)
  82. Diogenes, Won’t You Please Go Home? (S1 E31)
  83. Little Island, Big Gun (S1 E17)
  84. The Pigeon (S3 E28)
  85. New Neighbor Sam (S1 E27)
  86. The Sound of Quacking (S1 E7)
  87. Gilligan’s Mother-in-Law (S2 E1)
  88. Gilligan, the Goddess (S3 E30)
  89. The Little Dictator (S2 E3)
  90. Feed the Kitty (S2 E24)
  91. Lovey’s Secret Admirer (S3 E19)
  92. They’re Off and Running (S1 E28)
  93. St. Gilligan and the Dragon (S1 E20)
  94. Man with a Net (S3 E7)
  95. All About Eva (S3 E14)
  96. Angel on the Island (S1 E11)
  97. Goodbye Old Paint (S1 E34)
  98. Diamonds Are an Ape’s Best Friend (S1 E22)
  99. Erika Tiffany-Smith to the Rescue (S2 E15)
  100. Forward March (S2 E22)