Last Updated on 16 September 2023

LOST-related events that happened in December

11967 – Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) born in New York City, New York
1978 – Alex Petrovitch (Henrik) born in Washington, DC
2004 – S1E10 “Raised by Another” premiered
22004 – Mr. Eko is killed by the smoke monster
2004 – Jack agrees to operate on Ben
31965 – E.J. Snyder (Redfurn) born in Englewood, New Jersey
2004 – Karl helps Kate and Sawyer escape to the main island
2004 – Jack performs surgery on Ben
62004 – HurleyCharlieSawyer, and Jin get the Dharma van started and go for a joy-ride
71981 – H.G. (Hanso Group) Delegation inspection takes place
81976 – Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace) born in Berlin, Germany (also Charlie’s birthday?)
1978 – Ian Somerhalder (Boone Carlyle) born in Covington, Louisiana
2004 – S1E11 “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues” premiered
2004 – Hurley beats Sawyer in ping-pong, Sawyer can’t use nicknames for a week
91972 – Reiko Aylesworth (Amy Goodspeed) born in Chicago, Illinois
2004 – SayidKateLocke, and Rousseau discover the Flame station and Mikhail
101941 – Fionnula Flanagan (Eloise Hawking) born in Dublin, Ireland
2004 – SayidKateLocke, and Rousseau get over the sonar fence and reach the Barracks
112004 – Nikki and Paolo are buried alive
2004 – Locke blows up the submarine
2004 – Kate wakes up in the jungle handcuffed to Juliet
122004 – Jack says Juliet is under his protection
131950 – Lindsey Ginter (Sgt. Sam Austen) in Alameda, California
2004 – Claire starts feeling sick
142004 – Juliet gives Claire an injection and she feels better
152004 – Jin and Hurley tell ghost stories around the campfire
2004 – Naomi parachutes onto the island and her helicopter crashes
162004 – Ben tells Locke to kill Anthony Cooper at the ruins, but he doesn’t
2004 – Naomi tells Hurley that Flight 815 had been found with no survivors
191964 – Benjamin Linus is born and his mother Emily dies
1973 – Annie gives Ben the two wooden figurines for his birthday
1987 – The Purge takes place
2004 – Locke takes Sawyer to the Black Rock to get him to kill Anthony Cooper
2004 – Locke visits Jacob’s cabin with Ben
201973 – Ben meets Richard Alpert in the jungle
2004 – Ben takes Locke to the Dharma mass grave and shoots him
2004 – Desmond and Charlie go out to the Looking Glass
212004 – Charlie warns Desmond, “Not Penny’s Boat”, then drowns
2004 – Daniel Faraday lands on island
2004 – The group splits into two, following Jack to contact the freighter and following Locke to the Barracks
222004 – Jack’s group finds Frank and Miles
2004 – SayidDesmond, and Frank leave the island in the helicopter
242004 – SayidDesmond, and Frank finally arrive at the freighter
2004 – Desmond makes contact with Penelope
251960 – Ron Bottitta (Leonard) born in London, England, UK
1984 – Charlie Pace gets a piano for Christmas
1991 – Soviet Union dissolved. Mikhail Bakunin is released from Soviet Army
2004 – Daniel and Charlotte arrive at the Tempest station and prevent the gas from killing them all
271981 – Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton) born in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia
2004 – Alex Rousseau is killed by Martin Keamy
282004 – Jack gets appendectomy
291964 – Michael Cudlitz (Detective ‘Big Mike’ Walton) born in Queens, New York
1969 – Patrick Fischler (Phil) born in Los Angeles, California
1996 – Dylan Minnette (David Shephard) born in Evansville, Indiana
2004 – Sawyer finds Aaron alone in the jungle, Claire is missing
2004 – Christian (speaking for Jacob) tells Locke he must move the island
302004 – FrankSayidJackKateHurley, and Sawyer take the helicopter to the freighter
2004 – Sawyer jumps out of the helicopter to save fuel
2004 – The freighter explodes
2004 – Ben moves the island
312004 – Penny‘s boat rescues the lifeboat