Last Updated on 16 October 2023

I searched the Internet for lists of the best episodes of M*A*S*H. Criteria included the episodes being ranked, not just listed and generally created by groups, whether teams or committees or based on general public voting (like

I found 14 different ranked lists online of “best MASH episodes.” Then I averaged the rankings each episode got and divided that average by a factor of the number of lists that episode was on. The lowest score meant a high ranking average on many lists. The complete spreadsheet is attached at the bottom.

The episodes that were on the most lists (out of 14):

  • Abyssinia, Henry (S3 E24) – 12 lists
  • Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen (S11 E16) – 12 lists
  • Adam’s Ribs (S3 E11) – 11 lists
  • Tuttle (S1 E15) – 10 lists
  • Life Time (S8 E11) – 10 lists
  • Good-Bye Radar: Part 2 (S8 E5) – 9 lists
  • Death Takes a Holiday (S9 E5) – 9 lists
  • Sometimes You Hear the Bullet (S1 E7) – 9 lists
  • Welcome to Korea (S4 E1) – 9 lists

Here are links to the lists I used: