Last Updated on 16 September 2023

Movies and mini-series based on Stephen King’s novels, novellas, short stories, and screenplays

YearTitle of MovieSource
1979Salem’s LotNovel
1980Shining, TheBased on the Novel
1982CreepshowOriginal Screenplay
1983Dead Zone, TheNovel
1983ChristineBased on the Novel
1984Children of the CornBased on the Short Story
1984Devil’s Gift, TheShort Story “The Monkey”
1985Cat’s EyeScreenplay
1985Silver BulletNovella “Cycle of the Werewolf”
1986Maximum OverdriveWritten for the Screen
1986Stand By MeNovella “The Body”
1987Creepshow 2Stories
1987Return to Salem’s Lot, ACharacters
1987Running Man, TheNovel
1989Pet SemataryNovel
1990Tales from the DarksideShort Story – segment “Cat From Hell”
1990Graveyard ShiftShort Story
1991Sometimes They Come BackBased on the Short Story
1992SleepwalkersWritten by
1992Children of the Corn II: The Final SacrificeBased on the Short Story
1993Dark Half, TheNovel
1993Needful ThingsNovel
1993Tommyknockers, TheNovel
1994Shawshank Redemption, TheShort Story
1994Stand, TheNovel
1995Mangler, TheShort Story
1995Dolores ClaiborneNovel
1995Children of the Corn III: Urban HarvestBased on the Short Story
1995Langoliers, TheNovella “Four Past Midnight”
1997Night Flier, TheShort Story
1997Quicksilver HighwayShort Story “Chattery Teeth”
1997Shining, TheNovel
1997TrucksShort Story
1998Apt PupilNovella
1999Rage: Carrie 2, TheCharacters
1999Green Mile, TheNovel
1999Storm of the CenturyWritten by
2001Hearts in AtlantisNovel
2002Rose RedWritten by
2002Firestarter 2: RekindledNovel “Firestarter”
2003Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, TheCharacters
2004Secret WindowNovella “Four Past Midnight: Secret Window, Secret Garden”
2004Salem’s LotNovel
2004Riding the BulletNovella
2006Nightmares & DreamscapesShort Stories
20071408Short Story
2007Mist, TheNovella
2009Dolan’s CadillacShort Story
2009Everything’s EventualShort Story
2009Children of the CornBased on the Short Story
2011Children of the Corn: GenesisBased on the Short Story
2011Bag of BonesBased on the Novel
2012WillaShort Story
2014Boogeyman, TheShort Story
2014MercyShort Story “Gramma”
2014Big DriverNovella
2016CellBased on the Novel
201611.22.63Based on the Novel
2017Dark Tower, TheBased on the Novels
2017ItBased on the Novel
2017Gerald’s GameBased on the Novel
2017Milkman, TheShort Story
2018Doctor’s Case, TheBased on the Short Story
2018MuteShort Story
2019Pet SemataryBased on the Novel
2019It Chapter TwoBased on the Novel
2019In the Tall GrassBased on the Novella
2019Doctor’s Case, TheBased on the Short Story
2019Doctor SleepBased on the Novel
2020Dark Tower, TheBased on the Novel
2023Boogeyman, TheBased on the Short Story