Last Updated on 16 September 2023

Movies and mini-series based on Louis L’Amour’s novels and short stories

YearTitle of MovieSource
1951Wells Fargo GunmasterScreenplay
1953East of SumatraShort Story
1953HondoShort Story
1954Four Guns to the BorderShort Story
1955Treasure of Ruby HillsShort Story “Rider of the Ruby Hills”
1955Stranger on HorsebackShort Story
1956Blackjack Ketchum, DesperadoNovel “Kilkenny”
1956The Burning HillsNovel
1957Utah BlaineNovel
1957The Tall StrangerShort Story
1958Apache TerritoryNovel “Last Stand at Papago Wells”
1960Heller in Pink TightsNovel “Heller with a Gun”
1960Guns of the TimberlandNovel
1964TaggartBased on the Novel
1966Kid RodeloShort Story
1967Hondo and the ApachesShort Story “The Gift of Cochise”
1972Cancel My ReservationNovel “The Broken Gun”
1973The Man Called NoonNovel
1979The SackettsNovels “The Daybreakers” & “Sackett”
1982The Shadow RidersNovel
1986Louis L’Amour’s Down the Long HillsNovel
1987The Quick and the DeadNovel
1996ShaughnessyNovel “The Iron Marshal”
2001The Diamond of JeruShort Story
2001Crossfire TrailNovel