Last Updated on 16 September 2023

Movies based on (but not “inspired by”) H.P. Lovecraft’s novels and short stories

YearTitle of MovieSource
1963Haunted Palace, TheBased on Short Story “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”
1965Monster of TerrorBased on Short Story “Colour Out of Space”
1970Dunwich Horror, TheBased on Short Story
1985Re-AnimatorShort Story “Herbert West: Re-Animator”
1986From BeyondShort Story
1987Testimony of Randolph Carter, TheBased on Short Story
1988Unnamable, TheShort Story
1990Bride of Re-AnimatorCharacters
1991Resurrected, TheShort Story “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”
1992Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter, TheCharacters
1993Necronomicon: Book of the DeadBased on Three Short Stories
1994Lurking FearShort Story
1997HemoglobinBased on Short Story “The Lurking Fear”
2000Chilean GothicShort Story “Pickman’s Model”
2001DagonShort Stories “Dagon” and “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”
2002Music of Erica Zann, TheShort Story “The Music of Erich Zann”
2003Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, TheShort Story
2003Thing on the Doorstep, TheShort Story
2003Beyond Re-AnimatorCharacters
2005Call of Cthulhu, TheShort Story
2005Strange Aeons: The Thing on the DoorstepBased on Short Story “The Thing on the Doorstep”
2006Rats in the Walls, TheShort Story
2006Beyond the Wall of SleepBased on Short Story
2007Whisperer in Darkness, TheNovella
2007CthulhuBased on Short Story
2008Dunwich Horror, TheShort Story
2008Colour from the DarkBased on Short Story “Colour Out of Space”
2008Beyond the Dunwich HorrorBased on Short Story
2009The Last Lovecraft: Relic of CthulhuBased on Characters and Stories
2008Beyond the Dunwich HorrorBased on Short Story
2010Three ShadowsShort Story “The Shuttered Room”
2010Color Out of Space, TheShort Story
2011Whisperer in Darkness, TheNovella
2015Haunter of the Dark, TheShort Story
2016Dead TonguesBased on Short Story “Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family”
2017Herbert West: Re-AnimatorBased on Short Story
2019PsychopomposBased on Dramatic Poem
2019Color Out of SpaceBased on Short Story