Last Updated on 16 September 2023

Movies and mini-series based on H.G. Wells’s novels and short stories

YearTitle of MovieSource
1919First Men in the Moon, TheNovel
1921Island of the Lost, TheNovel “The Island of Dr. Moreau”
1922Wheels of Chance, TheNovel
1922Passionate Friends, TheNovel
1932Island of Lost Souls, TheNovel “The Island of Dr. Moreau”
1933Invisible Man, TheNovel
1936Things to ComeNovel “The Shape of Things to Come”
1940Invisible Man Returns, TheCharacters
1941Remarkable Mr. Kipps, TheNovel “Kipps”
1942Invisible AgentBased on the Novel
1949History of Mr Polly, TheNovel
1949Passionate Friends, TheNovel
1951Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Invisible ManBased on the Novel
1953War of the Worlds, TheBased on the Novel
1960Time Machine, TheNovel
1964First Men in the MoonBased on the Novel
1965Village of the GiantsBased on the Novel “The Food of the Gods”
1967Half a SixpenceNovel “Kipps”
1976Gemini ManNovel “Invisible Man”
1976Riding with DeathNovel “Invisible Man”
1976Food of the Gods, TheNovel
1977Empire of the AntsBased on the Novel
1977Island of Dr. Moreau, TheNovel
1978Time Machine, TheNovel
1979Shape of Things to Come, TheNovel
1980History of Mr Polly, TheNovel
1980Magic Shop, TheShort Story
1984Invisible Man, TheNovel
1996Island of Dr. Moreau, TheNovel
2002Time Machine, TheNovel
2005War of the WorldsNovel
2007History of Mr Polly, TheNovel
2010First Men in the Moon, TheNovel
2011Time Machine: Rise of the MorlocksBased on the Novel
2012War of the Worlds the True StoryBased on the Novel
2013War of the WorldsBased on the Novel
2019War of the Worlds, TheBased on the Novel