Last Updated on 22 June 2024

Hot Fuzz (2007) quotes

  • And he had one thing you haven’t got.
    What’s that, sir?
    A great, big, bushy beard!
  • Ever fired your gun in the air and yelled, ‘Aaaaaaah?’
  • The Greater Good.
  • Have you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air?
    Have you ever fired one gun whilst jumping through the air?
    Ever been in a high-speed pursuit?
    Yes, I have.
    Have you ever fired a gun whilst in a high speed pursuit?
  • I didn’t mean to upset the apple cart.
    Oh yeah, cause we all sell apples ’round here, don’t we?
    Your dad sells apples, Andy.
    And raspberries.
  • I suppose you’re wondering why we call them the “Andies”?
    They’re both called Andrew?
    They said you were good!
  • It’s Frank! He’s appointed himself Judge, Jury, and Executioner.
    He’s not Judge Judy, an Executioner.
  • So what made you want to become a policeman?
    What made you want to become a policeman-officer?
    I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a police officer… apart from the summer of 1979 when I wanted to be Kermit the Frog. It all started with my Uncle Derek. He was a Sergeant in the Met. He bought me a police pedal car when I was five. I rode around in it every second I was awake – arresting kids twice my size for littering and spitting. I got beaten up a lot when I was young, but it didn’t stop me. I wanted to be like Uncle Derek.
    He sounds like a good bloke.
    Actually, he was arrested for selling drugs to students.
  • Well, I wouldn’t argue that it wasn’t a no-holds-barred, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride. But there is no way you can perpetrate that amount of carnage and mayhem and not incur a considerable amount of paperwork.
  • Yarp.
  • You do know there are more guns in the country than there are in the city.
    Everyone and their mums is packin’ round here!
    Like who?
    Who else?
    Farmers’ mums.