Last Updated on 29 April 2024

I searched the Internet for lists of the best episodes of Seinfeld. Criteria included the episodes being ranked, not just listed, not focused on one particular season or character, and generally created by groups, whether teams or committees or based on general public voting (like

I found 35 different ranked lists online of “best Seinfeld episodes.” Then I averaged the rankings each episode got and divided that average by a factor of the number of lists that episode was on. The lowest score meant a high ranking average on many lists. The complete spreadsheet is attached at the bottom.

The episodes that were on the most lists (out of 25):

  • The Contest (S04 E11) – 32 lists
  • The Chinese Restaurant (S02 E11) – 31 lists
  • The Marine Biologist (S05 E14) – 28 lists
  • The Opposite (S05 E22) – 28 lists
  • The Soup Nazi (S07 E06) – 27 lists
  • The Puffy Shirt (S05 E02) – 26 lists
  • The Hamptons (S05 E21) – 24 lists
  • The Parking Garage (S03 E06) – 22 lists

Here are links to the lists I used: