Last Updated on 5 June 2024

Over at, we have been running March-Madness-style brackets since October 2018, where we use those brackets to vote on our favorite things in various categories. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Here are all the topics we have voted on. The links under “Topic” go to the original page that introduces the topic being voted on. The links under “Winner” go to the Results page that includes a complete bracket with all the voting numbers.

NumberFavorite (Topic)DateWinner
001Halloween CandyOctober 2018Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
002Thanksgiving DishNovember 2018Fourway Tie for Ideal Thanksgiving Dinner
003Christmas SongDecember 2018Silent Night
004Board GameJanuary 2019Uno
005Ice Cream FlavorFebruary 2019Moose Tracks
006Dog BreedMarch 2019Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
007Which Is Worse?April 2019Cockroaches in the Kitchen
008Childhood Cartoon ShowsMay 2019Looney Tunes
009Crayola Crayon ColorsJune 2019Midnight Blue
010Summer MovieJuly 2019The Goonies
011Breakfast CerealsSeptember 2019Cinnamon Toast Crunch
012Movie MonstersOctober 2019T-Rex
013Soups & StewsNovember 2019Chili
014National ParksEarly December 2019Yellowstone National Park
015Hitchcock MoviesLate December 2019Rear Window
016Twilight Zone EpisodesJanuary 2020Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
017FruitsFebruary 2020Strawberry
018Pizza ToppingsMarch 2020Pepperoni
019BirdsApril 2020Northern Cardinal
020Monty Python SketchesEarly May 2020Dead Parrot Sketch
021Comfort FoodsMid May 2020Macaroni & Cheese
022Funny MoviesLate May 2020The Princess Bride
023Broadway MusicalsJune 2020Fiddler on the Roof
024SandwichesJuly 2020Grilled Cheese
025Female TV CharactersJuly 2020Lucy Ricardo
026GemstonesAugust 2020Sapphire
027CheesesAugust 2020Sharp Cheddar
028Schoolhouse Rock EpisodesAugust 2020Conjunction Junction
029FlowersSeptember 2020Lilac
030Disney Animated MoviesEarly October 2020The Lion King
031Little Debbie SnacksOctober 2020Nutty Buddy
032Scary MoviesLate October 2020The Shining
033Sean Connery MoviesNovember 2020Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
034Pumpkin ThingsLate November 2020It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
035Christmas MoviesDecember 2020A Charlie Brown Christmas
036Cereal MascotsJanuary 2021Tony the Tiger
037Weird Al SongsJanuary 2021Amish Paradise
038Foods of the WorldEarly February 2021Pizza
039Looney Tunes CharactersLate February 2021Bugs Bunny
040Beatles SongsMarch 2021Let It Be
041DinosaursLate March 2021Triceratops
042PaintingsApril 2021The Starry Night
043Pasta TypesLate April 2021Ravioli
044Tim Curry RolesMay 2021Wadsworth (called it a tie with Frank-N-Furter)
045TV Theme SongsLate May 2021The Addams Family
046TreesJune 2021Maple
047Steven Spielberg MoviesEarly July 2021Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
048Southern DessertsJuly 2021Peach Cobbler
049Fair FoodsAugust 2021Funnel Cakes with Powdered Sugar
050Motown SongsEarly September 2021Respect
051Classic Children’s BooksSeptember 2021Winnie-the-Pooh
052TV/Movie UnclesEarly October 2021Uncle Fester
053ScentsLate October 2021Baking Bread
054Queen SongsEarly November 2021Bohemian Rhapsody
055Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade BalloonsNovember 2021Charlie Brown
056Christmas CookiesEarly December 2021Iced Sugar Cookies
057Mannheim Steamroller Christmas SongsLate December 2021Deck the Halls
058CocktailsEarly January 2022Margarita
059Cary Grant MoviesLate January 2022North By Northwest
060Musical InstrumentsEarly February 2022Piano
061Marvel SuperheroesLate February 2022Spider-Man
062Fast Food RestaurantsEarly March 2022Culver’s
063Movie FranchisesLate March 2022Star Wars
064Dance FadsApril 2022The Twist
065Favorite Voting TopicLate April 2022Favorite Comfort Foods
066Quotable MoviesMay 2022The Princess Bride
067Songs with One-Word TitlesLate May 2022Respect, by Aretha Franklin
068Classic CommercialsJune 2022Coca-Cola: I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing
069SaladsEarly July 2022Taco Salad
070John Williams Film ScoresLate July 2022Star Wars
07180s SongsLate August 2022Livin’ on a Prayer, by Bon Jovi
072PiesEarly September 2022Apple Pie
073Ocean FishesLate September 2022Seahorse
074Sci-Fi MoviesOctober 2022Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
075CryptidsLate October 2022Loch Ness Monster
076PiratesNovember 2022Blackbeard
077Soda PopsLate November 2022Dr. Pepper
078Holiday TraditionsDecember 2022Spend time with family/friends
079“Best Picture” Oscar WinnersLate December 2022The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
080Arcade Video GamesEarly January 2023Pac-Man
081Angela Lansbury RolesLate January 2023Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote
082Dangerous Australian AnimalsEarly February 2023Platypus
083Breakfast FoodsLate February 2023Omelet
08480s MoviesEarly March 2023The Princess Bride
085Fairy TalesLate March 2023Hansel & Gretel
086Flags of the WorldApril 2023Wales
087ChipsEarly May 2023Doritos Original Nacho Cheese
088Farm AnimalsMid May 2023Cow
089MuppetsLate May 2023Kermit the Frog
090Herbs & SpicesEarly June 2023Vanilla
091British Comedy ShowsLate June 2023Monty Python’s Flying Circus
09270s SongsEarly July 2023Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen
093Carnival GamesLate August 2023Skee-Ball
094Tom Hanks MoviesEarly September 2023Forrest Gump
095SharksMid September 2023Whale Shark
096CookiesLate September 2023Chocolate Chip
097Fall ActivitiesOctober 2023Looking at the Leaves
098Sports MoviesLate October 2023A League of Their Own (1992)
099Throwback SongsEarly November 2023We Are the Champions, by Queen
100Favorite Thanksgiving FoodsLate November 2023Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Cranberry Sauce, & Pumpkin Pie
101Crayola Crayon ColorsEarly December 2023Midnight Blue
102Characters from Rankin/Bass Christmas SpecialsLate December 2023Yukon Cornelius
103ComposersEarly January 2024Johann Sebastian Bach
104Potato DishesLate January 2024French Fries
105Romantic MoviesEarly February 2024The Princess Bride
106Professional Sports MascotsLate February 2024Roary the Lion
107NudibranchsEarly March 2024Leaf Sheep
108Alan Rickman RolesLate March 2024Prof. Severus Snape, from Harry Potter
109Dog Breeds (revisited)Early April 2024Golden Retriever
110Dad JokesLate April 2024I used to play piano by ear. Now I use my hands.
111Foods to GrillEarly May 2024Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers
112Snickers CommercialsMid May 2024Betty White
113DipsLate May 2024Guacamole
114Islands of the WorldMid June 2024