Last Updated on 24 February 2024

Cheers was a sitcom TV show that ran for 11 years, from 1982 to 1993. Here is the definitive ranked list of the top 125 episodes.

I found 10 different lists of the “best” or “favorite” episodes of Cheers. Then I averaged them in Excel to create this master ranked list of the top 125 episodes. See my Methodology page for the research process that was used, including links to all 10 lists that were averaged. Here is the full ranked list. Links all go to the Cheers Fandom website.

  1. Thanksgiving Orphans (S05 E09)
  2. Abnormal Psychology (S05 E04)
  3. I Do, Adieu (S05 E26)
  4. One for the Road, Part 2 (S11 E27)
  5. An Old-Fashioned Wedding, Part 2 (S10 E26)
  6. Dinner at Eight-ish (S05 E20)
  7. One for the Road, Part 3 (S11 E28)
  8. An Old-Fashioned Wedding, Part 1 (S10 E25)
  9. The Showdown, Part 2 (S01 E22)
  10. Pick a Con… Any Con (S01 E19)
  11. Home Is the Sailor (S06 E01)
  12. One Hugs, the Other Doesn’t (S10 E16)
  13. What Is… Cliff Clavin? (S08 E14)
  14. Give Me a Ring Sometime (S01 E01)
  15. Simon Says (S05 E21)
  16. Bar Wars (S06 E23)
  17. One for the Road, Part 1 (S11 E26)
  18. The Heart Is a Lonely Snipehunter (S03 E14)
  19. The Showdown, Part 1 (S01 E21)
  20. Veggie-Boyd (S09 E10)
  21. It’s Lonely on the Top (S11 E22)
  22. Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back (S07 E10)
  23. Bidding on the Boys (S06 E08)
  24. Endless Slumper (S01 E10)
  25. Birth, Death, Love and Rice (S04 E01)
  26. I on Sports (S06 E02)
  27. Coach’s Daughter (S01 E05)
  28. Power Play (S02 E01)
  29. Norm, Is That You? (S07 E06)
  30. No Contest (S01 E18)
  31. Truce or Consequences (S01 E08)
  32. From Beer to Eternity (S04 E09)
  33. Woody Interruptus (S09 E12)
  34. Sam at Eleven (S01 E04)
  35. Suspicion (S04 E14)
  36. Death Takes a Holiday on Ice (S08 E07)
  37. Don Juan Is Hell (S04 E11)
  38. The Proposal (S05 E01)
  39. Strange Bedfellows, Part 3 (S04 E26)
  40. Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey (S11 E19)
  41. The Magnificent Six (S11 E04)
  42. Cheerio, Cheers (S03 E22)
  43. The Stork Brings a Crane (S08 E06)
  44. Diane’s Perfect Date (S01 E17)
  45. Cheers Fouls Out (Bar Wars IV) (S09 E02)
  46. Diane’s Nightmare (S04 E05)
  47. I’ll Be Seeing You, Part 2 (S02 E22)
  48. The Bartender’s Tale (S03 E23)
  49. Everyone Imitates Art (S05 E10)
  50. The Days of Wine and Neuroses (S09 E15)
  51. Fortune and Men’s Weight (S02 E17)
  52. One for the Book (S01 E11)
  53. Homicidal Ham (S02 E04)
  54. Coach Buries a Grudge (S02 E19)
  55. The Big Kiss-Off (S06 E24)
  56. Cheers: The Motion Picture (S05 E24)
  57. Dance, Diane, Dance (S05 E12)
  58. Chambers vs. Malone (S05 E13)
  59. I Call Your Name (S03 E03)
  60. Woody Gets an Election (S11 E21)
  61. Sumner’s Return (S02 E05)
  62. The Crane Mutiny (S06 E05)
  63. It’s a Wonderful Wife (S09 E21)
  64. Old Flames (S02 E07)
  65. Finally, Part 1 (S08 E15)
  66. The Bar Manager, the Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover (S11 E17)
  67. I’m Okay, You’re Defective (S10 E11)
  68. Finally, Part 2 (S08 E16)
  69. The Visiting Lecher (S07 E22)
  70. One Last Fling (S05 E18)
  71. Golden Boyd (S07 E13)
  72. The Gift of the Woodi (S07 E19)
  73. And God Created Woodman (S06 E14)
  74. Never Love a Goalie: Part 2 (S05 E17)
  75. Sisterly Love (S07 E21)
  76. Diane Chambers Day (S04 E22)
  77. Never Love a Goalie: Part 1 (S05 E16)
  78. And Coachie Makes Three (S02 E15)
  79. Please Mr. Postman (S07 E12)
  80. Spellbound (S05 E15)
  81. Take My Shirt… Please (S04 E13)
  82. The Peterson Principle (S04 E18)
  83. Norm and Cliff’s Excellent Adventure (S09 E11)
  84. Wedding Bell Blues (S09 E16)
  85. Sam Ahoy (S08 E12)
  86. Heeeeeere’s… Cliffy! (S10 E24)
  87. How to Recede in Business (S07 E01)
  88. One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serap: Part 2 (S07 E04)
  89. How to Win Friends and Electrocute People (S07 E07)
  90. Cry Harder, Part 2 (S08 E26)
  91. Cliffie’s Big Score (S04 E16)
  92. Fairy Tales Can Come True (S03 E04)
  93. The Norm Who Came to Dinner (S10 E04)
  94. Fear Is My Co-Pilot (S04 E21)
  95. Sam’s Women (S01 E02)
  96. Bad Neighbor Sam (S09 E08)
  97. Woody Goes Belly Up (S04 E02)
  98. A Fine French Whine (S10 E10)
  99. The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One (S01 E12)
  100. Woody or Won’t He (S08 E17)
  101. Tale of Two Cuties (S06 E15)
  102. Pudd’n Head Boyd (S06 E09)
  103. Two Girls for Every Boyd (S08 E09)
  104. I Kid You Not (S07 E14)
  105. Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh (S08 E21)
  106. Severe Crane Damage (S08 E18)
  107. Second Time Around (S04 E17)
  108. Send in the Crane (S07 E09)
  109. Love Me, Love My Car (S11 E11)
  110. Diamond Sam (S05 E14)
  111. The Two Faces of Norm (S08 E05)
  112. Where Have All the Floorboards Gone? (S10 E08)
  113. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar (S11 E14)
  114. Cheers Has Chili (S09 E22)
  115. Where There’s a Will (S02 E12)
  116. Is There a Doctor in the Howe? (S11 E16)
  117. Rebound, Part 1 (S03 E01)
  118. Diane Meets Mom (S03 E08)
  119. Teacher’s Pet (S03 E16)
  120. The Triangle (S04 E15)
  121. A Kiss Is Still a Kiss (S06 E10)
  122. Bar Wars VI: This Time it’s for Real (S10 E23)
  123. The Executive’s Executioner (S03 E21)
  124. Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby (S08 E19)
  125. Executive Sweet (S07 E03)