Last Updated on 11 May 2024

The American version of The Office was a sitcom TV show that ran for 9 seasons, from 2005 to 2013. Here is the definitive ranked list of all 188 episodes. Some of the episodes are double-length, which leads some websites to treat them as two, but I used the episode numbering found on IMDb.

I found 39 different lists of the “best” or “favorite” episodes of Cheers. Then I averaged them in Excel to create this master ranked list of all 188 episodes. See my Methodology page for the research process that was used, including links to all 39 lists that were averaged. Here is the full ranked list. Links all go to the The Office Fandom website.

  1. Dinner Party (S04 E09)
  2. Stress Relief (S05 E13)
  3. Casino Night (S02 E22)
  4. The Injury (S02 E12)
  5. Goodbye, Michael (S07 E21)
  6. The Dundies (S02 E01)
  7. The Job (S03 E23)
  8. Beach Games (S03 E22)
  9. Niagara: Part 2 (S06 E05)
  10. Niagara: Part 1 (S06 E04)
  11. Threat Level Midnight (S07 E16)
  12. Finale (S09 E23)
  13. Fun Run (S04 E01)
  14. Goodbye, Toby (S04 E14)
  15. Gay Witch Hunt (S03 E01)
  16. Broke (S05 E23)
  17. Booze Cruise (S02 E11)
  18. Safety Training (S03 E19)
  19. The Convict (S03 E09)
  20. Business School (S03 E16)
  21. Diversity Day (S01 E02)
  22. Garage Sale (S07 E18)
  23. The Deposition (S04 E08)
  24. A.A.R.M. (S09 E22)
  25. Money (S04 E04)
  26. Conflict Resolution (S02 E21)
  27. Christmas Party (S02 E10)
  28. A Benihana Christmas (S03 E1)
  29. Murder (S06 E10)
  30. Drug Testing (S02 E20)
  31. Product Recall (S03 E20)
  32. Scott’s Tots (S06 E12)
  33. The Return (S03 E13)
  34. Office Olympics (S02 E03)
  35. Golden Ticket (S05 E17)
  36. The Duel (S05 E11)
  37. The Merger (S03 E08)
  38. Company Picnic (S05 E26)
  39. The Negotiation (S03 E18)
  40. Classy Christmas (S07 E11)
  41. Basketball (S01 E05)
  42. The Client (S02 E07)
  43. The Surplus (S05 E09)
  44. Michael Scott Paper Company (S05 E21)
  45. The Coup (S03 E03)
  46. Customer Survey (S05 E06)
  47. Gossip (S06 E01)
  48. Frame Toby (S05 E08)
  49. Michael’s Last Dundies (S07 E20)
  50. Cafe Disco (S05 E25)
  51. Branch Closing (S03 E07)
  52. Weight Loss (S05 E01)
  53. The Convention (S03 E02)
  54. Moroccan Christmas (S05 E10)
  55. Diwali (S03 E06)
  56. The Fight (S02 E06)
  57. Sexual Harassment (S02 E02)
  58. Launch Party (S04 E03)
  59. Livin’ the Dream (S09 E21)
  60. Halloween (S02 E05)
  61. Local Ad (S04 E05)
  62. Dwight’s Speech (S02 E17)
  63. Michael’s Birthday (S02 E19)
  64. E-Mail Surveillance (S02 E09)
  65. Women’s Appreciation (S03 E21)
  66. The Secret (S02 E13)
  67. Branch Wars (S04 E06)
  68. Phyllis’ Wedding (S03 E15)
  69. The Fire (S02 E04)
  70. Night Out (S04 E11)
  71. The Lover (S06 E07)
  72. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager (S07 E23)
  73. The Alliance (S01 E04)
  74. Garden Party (S08 E04)
  75. Performance Review (S02 E08)
  76. Heavy Competition (S05 E22)
  77. Traveling Salesmen (S03 E12)
  78. Health Care (S01 E03)
  79. Boys and Girls (S02 E15)
  80. Back from Vacation (S03 E11)
  81. Valentine’s Day (S02 E16)
  82. Initiation (S03 E05)
  83. Search Committee (S07 E24)
  84. Counseling (S07 E02)
  85. Take Your Daughter to Work Day (S02 E18)
  86. The Delivery: Part 2 (S06 E18)
  87. Secret Santa (S06 E13)
  88. Pool Party (S08 E12)
  89. Dunder Mifflin Infinity (S04 E02)
  90. PDA (S07 E15)
  91. The Carpet (S02 E14)
  92. Survivor Man (S04 E07)
  93. Dream Team (S05 E20)
  94. Hot Girl (S01 E06)
  95. Dwight Christmas (S09 E09)
  96. Grief Counseling (S03 E04)
  97. The Delivery: Part 1 (S06 E17)
  98. Cocktails (S03 E17)
  99. Happy Hour (S06 E21)
  100. The Search (S07 E14)
  101. Nepotism (S07 E01)
  102. Chair Model (S04 E10)
  103. Casual Friday (S05 E24)
  104. Business Ethics (S05 E02)
  105. The Ultimatum (S07 E12)
  106. Two Weeks (S05 E19)
  107. Pilot (S01 E01)
  108. Lecture Circuit: Part 2 (S05 E15)
  109. China (S07 E10)
  110. Baby Shower (S05 E03)
  111. Moving On (S09 E16)
  112. The Inner Circle (S07 E22)
  113. After Hours (S08 E16)
  114. Did I Stutter? (S04 E12)
  115. Andy’s Play (S07 E03)
  116. Body Language (S06 E23)
  117. Business Trip (S05 E07)
  118. Tallahassee (S08 E15)
  119. New Boss (S05 E18)
  120. Work Bus (S09 E04)
  121. The Seminar (S07 E13)
  122. The Target (S09 E08)
  123. Lecture Circuit: Part 1 (S05 E14)
  124. The List (S08 E01)
  125. Prince Family Paper (S05 E12)
  126. Crime Aid (S05 E04)
  127. Sex Ed (S07 E04)
  128. Job Fair (S04 E13)
  129. Costume Contest (S07 E06)
  130. The Promotion (S06 E03)
  131. Ben Franklin (S03 E14)
  132. Paper Airplane (S09 E20)
  133. The Cover-Up (S06 E24)
  134. Viewing Party (S07 E08)
  135. Promos (S09 E18)
  136. Koi Pond (S06 E08)
  137. Whistleblower (S06 E26)
  138. The Incentive (S08 E02)
  139. Double Date (S06 E09)
  140. The Whale (S09 E07)
  141. Turf War (S08 E23)
  142. The Farm (S09 E17)
  143. Blood Drive (S05 E16)
  144. Lice (S09 E10)
  145. Secretary’s Day (S06 E22)
  146. Spooked (S08 E05)
  147. The Banker (S06 E14)
  148. The Sting (S07 E05)
  149. Doomsday (S08 E06)
  150. Stairmageddon (S09 E19)
  151. The Boat (S09 E06)
  152. Here Comes Treble (S09 E05)
  153. Mafia (S06 E06)
  154. Junior Salesman (S09 E13)
  155. Fundraiser (S08 E22)
  156. Christening (S07 E07)
  157. Employee Transfer (S05 E05)
  158. Training Day (S07 E19)
  159. Sabre (S06 E15)
  160. Angry Andy (S08 E21)
  161. Last Day in Florida (S08 E18)
  162. New Guys (S09 E01)
  163. Jury Duty (S08 E13)
  164. (S07 E09)
  165. Customer Loyalty (S09 E12)
  166. Shareholder Meeting (S06 E11)
  167. Test the Store (S08 E17)
  168. New Leads (S06 E20)
  169. Lotto (S08 E03)
  170. Manager and Salesman (S06 E16)
  171. The Chump (S06 E25)
  172. The Meeting (S06 E02)
  173. Welcome Party (S08 E20)
  174. Suit Warehouse (S09 E11)
  175. Couples Discount (S09 E15)
  176. St. Patrick’s Day (S06 E19)
  177. Todd Packer (S07 E17)
  178. Free Family Portrait Studio (S08 E24)
  179. Trivia (S08 E11)
  180. Roy’s Wedding (S09 E02)
  181. Get the Girl (S08 E19)
  182. Special Project (S08 E14)
  183. Christmas Wishes (S08 E10)
  184. Pam’s Replacement (S08 E07)
  185. Mrs. California (S08 E09)
  186. Andy’s Ancestry (S09 E03)
  187. Vandalism (S09 E14)
  188. Gettysburg (S08 E08)