Last Updated on 16 October 2023

M*A*S*H was a TV show that ran from 1972 to 1983 and was a spinoff from the 1970 movie of the same name. MASH is an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. While mostly a comedy, the show also dealt with painful or sensitive social issues besides the obvious ones that come up in a foreign war.

I found 14 different lists of the “best” or “favorite” episodes of MASH. Then I averaged them in Excel to create this master ranked list of the top 125 episodes out of the total 256. See my Methodology page for the research process that was used, including links to all 14 lists that were averaged. Here is the full ranked list:

  1. Abyssinia, Henry (S3 E24)
  2. Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen (S11 E16)
  3. Tuttle (S1 E15)
  4. Good-Bye Radar: Part 2 (S8 E5)
  5. Life Time (S8 E11)
  6. Deal Me Out (S2 E13)
  7. Adam’s Ribs (S3 E11)
  8. Death Takes a Holiday (S9 E5)
  9. Dear Sigmund (S5 E8)
  10. Sometimes You Hear the Bullet (S1 E7)
  11. Point of View (S7 E10)
  12. April Fools (S8 E25)
  13. Welcome to Korea (S4 E1)
  14. The Party (S7 E26)
  15. The General Flipped at Dawn (S3 E1)
  16. 5 O’Clock Charlie (S2 E2)
  17. Good-Bye Radar: Part 1 (S8 E4)
  18. Movie Tonight (S5 E22)
  19. Old Soldiers (S8 E18)
  20. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (S7 E10)
  21. The Interview (S4 E25)
  22. A Smattering of Intelligence (S2 E24)
  23. Crisis (S2 E21)
  24. Change of Command (S4 E3)
  25. The Longjohn Flap (S1 E19)
  26. A War for All Seasons (S9 E6)
  27. Morale Victory (S8 E19)
  28. Out of Sight, Out of Mind (S5 E4)
  29. Aid Station (S3 E19)
  30. Dreams (S8 E22)
  31. The Trial of Henry Blake (S2 E8)
  32. Where There’s a Will, There’s a War (S10 E17)
  33. The Yalu Brick Road (S8 E10)
  34. Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler (S4 E10)
  35. The Joker Is Wild (S11 E4)
  36. Rally ‘Round the Flagg, Boys (S7 E22)
  37. Pressure Points (S10 E15)
  38. Heal Thyself (S8 E17)
  39. As Time Goes By (S11 E15)
  40. Carry On, Hawkeye (S2 E11)
  41. The Army-Navy Game (S1 E20)
  42. The Late Captain Pierce (S4 E5)
  43. Pilot (S1 E1)
  44. Period of Adjustment (S8 E6)
  45. Fallen Idol (S6 E2)
  46. O.R. (S3 E5)
  47. Dear Dad (S1 E12)
  48. Dear Sis (S7 E15)
  49. The Foresight Saga (S9 E19)
  50. Bug Out (S5 E1)
  51. The Bus (S4 E7)
  52. Fade Out, Fade In (S6 E1)
  53. Private Charles Lamb (S3 E14)
  54. Hawkeye (S4 E18)
  55. Letters (S9 E2)
  56. Mr. and Mrs. Who? (S8 E9)
  57. Yankee Doodle Doctor (S1 E6)
  58. Dear Dad…Three (S2 E9)
  59. The Billfold Syndrome (S7 E6)
  60. The Nurses (S5 E5)
  61. The Incubator (S2 E12)
  62. Henry in Love (S2 E16)
  63. Dear Uncle Abdul (S8 E12)
  64. Inga (S7 E16)
  65. The Smell of Music (S6 E16)
  66. Divided We Stand (S2 E1)
  67. Who Knew? (S11 E5)
  68. Dear Mildred (S4 E8)
  69. House Arrest (S3 E18)
  70. Sons and Bowlers (S10 E19)
  71. No Laughing Matter (S9 E13)
  72. Hey, Look Me Over (S11 E1)
  73. The Tooth Shall Set You Free (S10 E14)
  74. Oh, How We Danced (S9 E14)
  75. The Life You Save (S9 E20)
  76. No Sweat (S9 E11)
  77. Peace on Us (S7 E2)
  78. The Korean Surgeon (S5 E10)
  79. Mulcahy’s War (S5 E8)
  80. Follies of the Living – Concerns of the Dead (S10 E11)
  81. Mail Call, Again (S4 E15)
  82. Picture This (S10 E21)
  83. The Novocaine Mutiny (S4 E21)
  84. Dear Dad, Again (S1 E18)
  85. An Eye for a Tooth (S7 E14)
  86. Margaret’s Marriage (S5 E25)
  87. A Full Rich Day (S3 E12)
  88. Alcoholics Unanimous (S3 E9)
  89. The MAS*H Olympics (S6 E11)
  90. Blood Brothers (S9 E18)
  91. The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan (S5 E7)
  92. Springtime (S3 E6)
  93. The Sniper (S2 E10)
  94. Big Mac (S3 E21)
  95. Chief Surgeon Who? (S1 E4)
  96. Bombed (S3 E15)
  97. Officer of the Day (S3 E3)
  98. None Like It Hot (S7 E7)
  99. Potter’s Retirement (S6 E23)
  100. Mail Call (S2 E23)
  101. Iron Guts Kelly (S3 E4)
  102. Radar’s Report (S2 E3)
  103. War of Nerves (S6 E5)
  104. Der Tag (S4 E18)
  105. To Market, to Market (S1 E2)
  106. Blood and Guts (S10 E13)
  107. A Night at Rosie’s (S7 E23)
  108. Dear Comrade (S7 E12)
  109. A Holy Mess (S10 E14)
  110. The Moon Is not Blue (S11 E8)
  111. Our Finest Hour (S7 E4)
  112. Rainbow Bridge (S3 E2)
  113. Comrades in Arms (S6 E13)
  114. Commander Pierce (S7 E1)
  115. War Co-Respondent (S8 E23)
  116. Say No More (S11 E12)
  117. Heroes (S10 E18)
  118. For Want of a Boot (S2 E17)
  119. Back Pay (S8 E24)
  120. Settling Debts (S11 E7)
  121. Yessier, That’s Our Baby (S8 E15)
  122. Foreign Affairs (S11 E3)
  123. Lend a Hand (S8 E20)
  124. Give and Take (S11 E14)
  125. Twas the Day After Christmas (S10 E9)