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Episode #TitleShortOriginal Air DateYear of MovieShout Factory
0K00Green Slime, The(Pilot, never shown fully) 1968 
0K01Invaders from the Deep 11/24/19881981 
0K02Revenge of the Mysterons 11/24/19881981 
0K03Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2 11/27/19881987 
0K04Gamera vs. Barugon 12/4/19881966 
0K05Gamera 12/11/19881965 
0K06Gamera vs. Gaos 12/18/19881967 
0K07Gamera vs. Zigra 1/1/19891971 
0K08Gamera vs. Guiron 1/8/19891969 
0K09Phase IV 1/15/19891974 
0K10Cosmic Princess 1/22/19891982 
0K11Humanoid Woman 1/29/19891981 
0K12Fugitive Alien 2/5/19891987 
0K13SST Death Flight 2/19/19891977 
0K14Mighty Jack 3/5/19891968 
0K15Superdome 3/12/19891978 
0K16City on Fire 3/19/19891979 
0K17Time of the Apes 4/2/19891987 
0K18Million Eyes of Su-Muru, The 5/7/19891967 
0K19Hangar 18 5/14/19891980 
0K20Last Chase, The 5/21/19891981 
0K21Legend of the Dinosaur 5/28/19891977 
0101Crawling Eye, The 11/25/19891958XVII
0102Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, TheCommando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon – Part 111/18/19891958XV
0103Mad MonsterCommando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon – Part 212/2/19891942 
0104Women of the Prehistoric Planet 2/10/19901966 
0105Corpse Vanishes, TheCommando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon – Part 312/9/19891942XVI
0106Crawling Hand, The 12/16/19891963 
0107Robot MonsterCommando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon – Parts 4&512/23/19891953XIX
0108Slime People, TheCommando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon – Part 612/30/19891963XXVII
0109Project MoonbaseCommando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon – Parts 7&81/6/19901953XX
0110Robot HolocaustCommando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon – Part 91/13/19901986XXV
0111Moon Zero Two 1/20/1990196925th Ann
0112Untamed Youth 1/27/19901957XXIX
0113Black Scorpion, The 2/3/19901957XXX
0201Rocketship X-M 9/22/19901950 
0202Sidehackers, The 9/29/19901969III
0203Jungle GoddessThe Phantom Creeps – Part 110/6/19901948XXXI-T
0204Catalina Caper 10/13/19901967I
0205Rocket Attack USAThe Phantom Creeps – Part 210/27/19901961XXVII
0206Ring of Terror, TheThe Phantom Creeps – Part 311/3/19901962 
0207Wild Rebels 11/17/19901967 
0208Lost Continent 11/24/19901951XVIII
0209Hellcats, The 12/8/19901968 
0210King DinosaurX Marks the Spot12/22/19901955XXIII
0211First Spaceship on Venus 12/29/1990196020th Ann
0212Godzilla vs. Megalon 1/19/19911973 
0213Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster 2/2/19911966 
0301Cave Dwellers 6/1/19911984II
0302Gamera 6/8/19911965XXI (OP)
0303Pod People 6/15/19911983II
0304Gamera vs. Barugon 6/22/19911966XXI (OP)
0305Stranded in Space 6/29/19911973XXXVI
0306Time of the Apes 7/13/19911987XXII
0307Daddy-OAlphabet Antics7/20/19911958XXXIII
0308Gamera vs. Gaos 7/27/19911967XXI (OP)
0309Amazing Colossal Man, The 8/3/19911957 
0310Fugitive Alien 8/17/19911987XXIV
0311It Conquered the WorldSnow Thrills8/24/19911956 
0312Gamera vs. Guiron 9/7/19911969XXI (OP)
0313Earth vs. the SpiderSpeech: Using Your Voice9/14/19911958XXXIII
0314Mighty Jack 9/21/19911968XXII
0315Teenage CavemanAquatic Wizards & Catching Trouble11/9/19911958XXXV
0316Gamera vs. Zigra 10/19/19911971XXI (OP)
0317Viking Women vs. the Sea SerpentThe Home Economics Story10/26/19911957XXXIV
0318Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2 11/16/19911987XXIV
0319War of the Colossal BeastMr. B Natural11/30/19911958XXXIV
0320Unearthly, ThePosture Pals & Appreciating Your Parents12/14/19911957III
0321Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 12/21/19911964 
0322Master Ninja 1 1/11/19921984XX
0323Castle of Fu-Manchu, The 1/18/19921969XXIII
0324Master Ninja 2 1/25/19921984XX
0401Space Travelers 6/6/19921969XXXII
0402Giant Gila Monster, The 6/13/19921959 
0403City Limits 6/20/19921984XXXVI
0404Teenagers from Outer Space 6/27/19921959 
0405Being from Another Planet 7/4/19921982XXXV
0406Attack of the Giant LeechesUndersea Kingdom – Part 17/18/19921959 
0407Killer Shrews, TheJunior Rodeo Daredevils7/25/19921959 
0408Hercules Unchained 8/1/19921959 
0409Indestructible Man, TheUndersea Kingdom – Part 28/15/19921956 
0410Hercules Against the Moon Men 8/22/19921964 
0411Magic Sword, The 8/29/19921962XXVI
0412Hercules and the Captive Women 9/12/19921961XXIX
0413Manhunt in SpaceGeneral Hospital – Part 19/19/19921956 
0414Tormented 9/26/19921960 
0415Beatniks, TheGeneral Hospital – Part 211/25/19921960XVII
0416Fire Maidens of Outer Space 11/26/19921956 
0417Crash of the MoonsGeneral Hospital – Part 311/28/19921954XVIII
0418Attack of the The Eye Creatures 12/5/19921965 
0419Rebel Set, TheJohnny at the Fair12/12/19921959 
0420Human Duplicators, The 12/26/19921965XXXVII
0421Monster A-Go-GoCircus on Ice1/9/19931965 
0422Day the Earth Froze, TheHere Comes the Circus1/16/1993195925th Ann
0423Bride of the MonsterHired! Part 11/23/19931955XIX
0424“Manos”: The Hands of FateHired! Part 21/30/19931966Single
0501Warrior of the Lost World 7/24/19931983XVI
0502Hercules 7/17/19931958XXXII
0503Swamp DiamondsWhat to Do on a Date7/31/19931956 
0504Secret Agent Super Dragon 8/7/19931966 
0505Magic Voyage of Sinbad 8/14/19931953XX
0506Eegah! 8/28/19931962 
0507I Accuse My ParentsThe Truck Farmer9/4/19931944 
0508Operation Double 007 9/11/19931967XXV
0509Girl in Lover’s Lane 9/18/19931960XV
0510Painted Hills, TheBody Care and Grooming9/26/19931951XXXI-T
0511Gunslinger 10/9/19931956Single
0512Mitchell 10/23/1993197525th Ann
0513Brain that Wouldn’t Die, The 10/30/1993196225th Ann
0514Teen-Age StranglerIs this Love?11/7/19931964 
0515Wild, Wild World of BatwomanCheating11/13/19931966Single
0516Alien from L.A. 11/20/19931988XXVI
0517Beginning of the End, The 11/25/19931957Single
0518Atomic Brain, TheWhat about Juvenile Delinquency?12/4/19931963III
0519Outlaw (of Gor) 12/11/19931988XXX
0520Radar Secret ServiceLast Clear Chance12/18/19931950XXXII
0521Santa Claus 12/24/19931959XVI
0522Teen-Age Crime Wave 1/15/19941955XXXIII
0523Village of the Giants 1/22/19941965XXVII
052412 to the MoonDesign for Dreaming2/5/19941960XXXV
0601Girls Town 7/16/19941959XXXIX
0602Invasion U.S.A.A Date with your Family7/23/19941952XXXVIII
0603Dead Talk Back, TheThe Selling Wizard7/30/19941993 
0604Zombie Nightmare 11/24/19941987XV
0605Colossus and the Headhunters 8/20/19941963XXXVIII
0606Creeping Terror, The 9/17/19941964I
0607BloodlustUncle Jim’s Dairy Farm9/3/19941961I
0608Code Name: Diamond HeadA Day at the Fair10/1/19941977XXIII
0609Sky Divers, TheWhy Study the Industrial Arts?9/27/19941963I
0610Violent Years, TheYoung Man’s Fancy10/8/19941956XXII
0611Last of the Wild Horses 10/15/19941948XXIII
0612Starfighters, The 10/29/19941964 
0613Sinister Urge, TheKeeping Clean and Neat11/5/19941960 
0614San Francisco International 11/19/19941970XXXII
0615Kitten with a Whip 11/23/19941964XXV
0616Racket GirlsAre you Ready for Marriage?11/26/19941951XV
0617Sword and the Dragon, The 12/3/19941956XXIV
0618High School Big ShotOut of this World12/10/19941959XXXVIII
0619Red Zone CubaSpeech: Platform Posture and Appearance12/17/19941966Single
0620Danger! Death Ray 1/7/19951967XXVI
0621Beast of Yucca Flats, TheMoney Talks! & Progress Island, U.S.A.1/21/19951961XVIII
0622Angels’ Revenge 3/11/19951979II
0623Amazing Transparent Man, TheThe Days of our Years3/18/19951960XXXIX
0624Samson vs. the Vampire Women 3/25/19951962XXIV
0700MST3K – THE MOVIE (This Island Earth) 4/19/19961955 
0701Night of the Blood BeastOnce upon a Honeymoon11/23/19951958XVI
0702Brute Man, TheThe Chicken of Tomorrow2/10/19961946XXII
0703Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell 2/17/19961988XXXV
0704Incredible Melting Man, The 2/24/19961977XXXVI
0705Escape 2000 3/2/19961983XXXVII
0706Laserblast 5/18/1996197820th Ann
0801Revenge of the Creature 2/1/19971955XXV
0802Leech Woman, The 2/8/1997196025th Ann
0803Mole People, The 2/15/19971956XXVI
0804Deadly Mantis, The 2/22/19971957XXVII
0805Thing that Couldn’t Die, The 3/1/19971958XXIX
0806Undead, The 3/8/19971957XXXIV
0807Terror from the Year 5000 3/15/19971958 
0808She Creature, The 4/5/19971956XXXIV
0809I was a Teenage Werewolf 4/19/19971957 
0810Giant Spider Invasion, The 5/31/19971975 
0811“Parts”: The Clonus Horror 6/7/19971979 
0812The Incredibly Strange Creatures who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies 6/14/19971964Single
0813Jack Frost 7/12/19971964XVIII
0814Riding with Death 7/19/19971976XXXVI
0815Agent for H.A.R.M. 8/2/19971966XXXIII
0816Prince of Space 8/16/19971959 
0817Horror of Party Beach 9/6/19971964XXXVII
0818Devil Doll 10/4/19971964XIX
0819Invasion of the Neptune Men 10/11/19971961XXXVII
0820Space Mutiny 11/7/19971988IV
0821Time Chasers 11/22/19971994 
0822Overdrawn at the Memory Bank 12/6/19971985IV
0901Projected Man, The 3/14/19981967XXX
0902Phantom Planet 3/21/19981961 
0903The Pumaman 4/4/19981980XXIX
0904Werewolf 4/18/1998199520th Ann
0905Deadly Bees, The 5/9/19981966 
0906Space Children, TheCentury 21 Calling6/13/19981958 
0907Hobgoblins 6/27/19981988 
0908Touch of Satan, The 7/11/19981971Single
0909Gorgo 7/18/1998196125th Ann
0910Final Sacrifice, The 7/25/19981990XVII
0911Devil Fish 8/15/19981984XIX
0912Screaming Skull, TheRobot Rumpus8/29/19981958XXXI-T
0913Quest of the Delta Knights 9/26/19981993 
1001Soultaker 4/11/19991990 
1002Girl in Gold Boots, The 4/18/19991968IV
1003Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders 9/12/19991996 
1004Future War 4/25/1999199720th Ann
1005Blood Waters of Dr. Z 5/2/19991971XVII
1006Boggy Creek II 5/9/19991984 
1007Track of the Moon Beast 6/13/19991974XXXVIII
1008Final Justice 6/20/19991985 
1009Hamlet 6/27/19991960IV
1010It Lives by Night 7/18/19991974XXX
1011Horrors of Spider Island 7/25/19991960 
1012SquirmA Case of Spring Fever8/1/19991976XXXI-T
1013Danger: Diabolik 8/8/19991968XXXIX
1101Reptilicus 4/14/20171961 
1102Cry Wilderness 4/14/20171987 
1103The Time Travelers 4/14/20171964 
1104Avalanche 4/14/20171978 
1105Beast of Hollow Mountain, The 4/14/20171956 
1106Starcrash 4/14/20171978 
1107Land that Time Forgot, The 4/14/20171974 
1108Loves of Hercules, The 4/14/20171960 
1109Yongary 4/14/20171967 
1110Wizards of the Lost Kingdom 4/14/20171985 
1111Wizards of the Lost Kingdom 2 4/14/20171989 
1112Carnival Magic 4/14/20171981 
1113Christmas that Almost Wasn’t, The 4/14/20171966 
1114At the Earth’s Core 4/14/20171976 
1201Mac and Me 11/22/20181988 
1202Atlantic Rim 11/22/20182013 
1203Lords of the Deep 11/22/20181989 
1204Day Time Ended, The 11/22/20181980 
1205Killer Fish 11/22/20181979 
1206Ator, the Fighting Eagle 11/22/20181982 
1301Santo in the Treasure of Dracula 5/6/20221969 
1302Robot Wars 5/7/20221993 
1303Beyond Atlantis 5/8/20221973 
1304Munchie 5/27/20221992 
1305Doctor Mordrid 6/10/20221992 
1306Demon Squad 6/24/20222019 
1307Gamera vs. Jiger 7/22/20221970 
1308Batwoman, The 8/19/20221968 
1309Million Eyes of Sumuru, The 9/2/20221967 
1310HG Wells’ The Shape of Things to Come 9/30/20221979 
1311Mask 3D, The 10/28/20221961 
1312Bubble, The 11/11/20221966 
1313Christmas Dragon, The 12/16/20222014