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Individual Shorts

ShortEpisode #Episode Movie TitleOriginal Air DateYear of ShortShout Factory
Alphabet Antics0307Daddy-O7/20/19911951XXXIII
Appreciating Our Parents0320Unearthly, The12/14/19911950III
Aquatic Wizards0315Teenage Caveman11/9/19911955XXXV
Are you Ready for Marriage?0616Racket Girls11/26/19941950XV
Body Care and Grooming0510Painted Hills, The9/26/19931947XXXI-T
Case of Spring Fever, A1012Squirm8/1/19991940XXXI-T
Catching Trouble0315Teenage Caveman11/9/19911936XXXV
Century 21 Calling0906Space Children, The6/13/19981962 
Cheating0515Wild, Wild World of Batwoman, The11/13/19931952Single
Chicken of Tomorrow, The0702Brute Man, The2/10/19961948XXII
Circus on Ice0421Monster A-Go-Go1/9/19931954 
Date with your Family, A0602Invasion U.S.A.7/23/19941950XXXVIII
Day at the Fair, A0608Code Name: Diamond Head10/1/19941947XXIII
Days of our Years, The0623Amazing Transparent Man, The3/18/19951955XXXIX
Design for Dreaming052412 to the Moon2/5/19941956XXXV
Here Comes the Circus0422Day the Earth Froze, The1/16/1993194625th Ann
Hired! Part 10423Bride of the Monster1/23/19931940XIX
Hired! Part 20424“Manos”: The Hands of Fate1/30/19931940Single
Home Economics Story, The0317Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent10/26/19911951XXXIV
Is this Love?0514Teen-Age Strangler11/7/19931957 
Johnny at the Fair0419Rebel Set, The12/12/19921947 
Junior Rodeo Daredevils0407Killer Shrews, The7/25/19921949 
Keeping Clean and Neat0613Sinister Urge, The11/5/19941956 
Last Clear Chance0520Radar Secret Service12/18/19931959XXXII
Money Talks!0621Beast of Yucca Flats, The1/21/19951951XVIII
Mr. B Natural0319War of the Colossal Beast11/30/19911957XXXIV
Once upon a Honeymoon0701Night of the Blood Beast11/23/19951956XVI
Out of this World0618High School Big Shot12/10/19941954XXXVIII
Posture Pals0320Unearthly, The12/14/19911952III
Progress Island, U.S.A.0621Beast of Yucca Flats, The1/21/19951973XVIII
Robot Rumpus0912Screaming Skull, The8/29/19981956XXXI-T
Selling Wizard, The0603Dead Talk Back, The7/30/19941954 
Snow Thrills0311It Conquered the World8/24/19911945 
Speech: Platform Posture and Appearance0619Red Zone Cuba12/17/19941949Single
Truck Farmer, The0507I Accuse My Parents9/4/19931954 
Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm0607Bloodlust9/3/19941960I
Speech: Using Your Voice0313Earth vs. the Spider9/14/19911950XXXIII
What about Juvenile Delinquency?0518Atomic Brain, The12/4/19931955III
What to Do on a Date0503Swamp Diamonds7/31/19931951 
Why Study the Industrial Arts?0609Skydivers, The9/27/19941956I
X Marks the Spot0210King Dinosaur12/22/19901944XXIII
Young Man’s Fancy0610Violent Years, The10/8/19941952XXII